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      ????????ZHONGDI INDUSTRY INC. is one of the suppliers in China specialized in producing and exporting sanitary and plumbing products. Our main products range include brass valves ,brass fittings , all kinds of faucets, shower sets, bathroom accessories ,etc.
      ????????In more than 20 yeasrs, our products are mainly exported to all over the world: USA, European countries and Middle East etc,.We have earned high praise for high quality, reputation, competitive price and service in the world markets.
      ????????We sincerely wish to establish long-standing cooperation with more customers for common development. We try our best to earn your business! we are continuously providing high-quality products and good services to pur global clients.
      ????????We try our best to earn your business!

      All rights reserved:Zhongdi Industry Inc. ?Technical support:zhejiangpanshi 浙ICP備10050628號-2
      General Manager:W.M.WU Tel:0086 571 87219156 0086 571 87219180 Fax:0086 571 87219157 Address:1204,No.3 Building,United Plaza,No.58Qianjiang Road,Hangzhou,China

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